We are pleased to present to you the program for automatic earning on the sites Freebitco.in, Freedoge.co.in and 999Dice.com!


First of all, you need to know is that for the effective work of the program already on the account must be at least 0.00050000 Coin - otherwise you might lose everything!

We advise you to start and train on the Freedoge.co.in site, dogcoin cost much less and give it one roll at a lot more, and bets can be equally small.

The program works on classical Martingale strategy, increasing the rate by 2 after losing in order to win back a lost, and reducing to start after a win. Program can begin a series of "low start" when the rate is not changed up to a point a series of losses, and then begins to increase. The idea that the more losses in a row, the more likely the next win, so why not lose small amount, and win more?

Just download the program, install and run. You will need to login Freebitco.in and Freedoge.co.in through Internet Explorer, if before you visit the site via another browser. In another bot does not work!

Good luck and good earnings!